My Folks Don’t Want Me to Talk About Slavery


Personal Accounts of Slavery in North Carolina

Who could better describe what slavery was like than the people who experienced it? And describe it they did, in thousands of remarkable interviews sponsored by the Federal Writer’s Project during the 1930s. More than 2000 slave narratives are now housed in the Library of Congress. More than 170 interviews were conducted in North Carolina. Belinda Hurmence pored over each of the North Carolina narratives, compiling and editing 21 of the first-person accounts for this collection. These narratives, though artless in many ways, speak compellingly of the joys and sorrows, the hopes and dreams, of the countless people who endured human bondage in the land of the free.

Published by Blair | 1984 | Paperback | 103 pages

This book is an historic imperative.
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