New Utilitarian


Systematic Approaches to Aesthetics and Design

by Victionary 

Trends may come and go in the design world, but classic aesthetics and techniques are often timeless, resurfacing every now and then as rejuvenated and reinterpreted versions of their former selves. As technology continues to advance, designers are able to explore or experiment with ideas and push creative boundaries in whole new ways, while referencing influences and inspiration from the past.

New Utilitarian takes an intriguing look at the ‘future classic’ phenomenon through the lenses of creatives who skillfully merge different eras and approaches into a strong and striking visual language for the Age of Data. Each project hints at both nostalgia and novelty in creating a bold and distinct impression of the future for the creative landscape of today.

Hardback | 256 pages | viction:ary | 2023

Headquartered in the heart of Asia, Victionary connects creative talents and enthusiasts from all over the world through original concepts, intriguing graphic approaches, and innovative printing techniques. Founded by Victor Cheung in 2001, Viction Workshop Ltd. provides fresh perspectives, timeless inspiration, and pure visual delight through its publishing brand, viction:ary. Aside from art, illustration, and graphic design-related titles, viction:ary also publishes travel guides and children’s books. To that end, Victionary welcomes you to join us in spreading the joy of print to every corner of the world.

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