No School Manifesto


A Movement of Creative Learning

edited by Ilse Ouwens, Fabiola Camuti, and Betje Stevens 

The unschooling movement questions traditional education through creativity. Curiosity, experimentation, unrestricted thinking, making and developing are basic elements of all forms of learning and living together. In the current educational system these values are frequently overshadowed by rules, bureaucracy and little attention to the intrinsic inquisitiveness of both the student and the teacher.

No School Manifesto enumerates key concepts, values and attitudes such as Curiosity, Magnetism and Zigzag through an A-Z lexicon, complemented by examples of students’ work.

Authors include: Matthijs Andriessen, Martijn Aslander, Erik op ten Berg, Danae Bodewes, Heidie van den Brink, Fabiola Camuti, Matthijs van Cruijsen, Steven Dorrestijn, Berty Feijen, Jan Erik Fokke, Ron van Hal, Richard Hassink, Simone Heij, Danny Jeroense, Selma Jonkers, Jeanny Kaethoven, Cor de Koning, Kim van Laanen, Jeroen Lutters, Saskia van den Muijsenberg, Josine Neyman, Laura Nieuwenhuis, Ben Oligschlager, Ilse Ouwens, Olga Potters, Bart Schouten and Betje Stevens.

Paperback | 228 pages | Valiz | 2020

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