Nonprofit Lifecycles


Stage-Based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity

SECOND EDITION. Winner of the Terry McAdam Book Award for Best New Nonprofit Book.

Nonprofit Lifecycles: Stage-based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity weighs in with a developmental perspective on operational capacity and its relationship to increased organizational health. Offering practical insights and thought-provoking case illustrations, this book presents seven lifecycle stages and the predictable tasks, challenges, and inevitable growing pains that accompany each.

More than 10,000 nonprofit and foundation officers have attended Dr. Stevens’ seminars over the years. Now, as foundations and nonprofits seek to understand the principles of capacity and capacity-building activities, Stevens showcases the lifecycle approach she pioneered more than two decades ago in this second edition of Nonprofit Lifecycles.

The lessons contained in Nonprofit Lifecycles are timeless. Learn for yourself the stage-based wisdom from this nationally recognized expert on nonprofit capacity.

Paperback | 140 pages | Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute | 2002

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