Palestine Speaks: Narratives of Life Under Occupation


compiled and edited by Cate Malek and Mateo Hoke

The occupation of the West Bank and Gaza has been one of the world’s most widely reported yet least understood human rights crises for over four decades. In this oral history collection, men and women from Palestine—including a fisherman, a settlement administrator, and a marathon runner—describe in their own words how their lives have been shaped by the historic crisis. Other narrators include:

ABEER—a young journalist from Gaza City who launched her career by covering bombing raids on the Gaza Strip.
IBTISAM—the director of a multi-faith children’s center in the West Bank whose dream of starting a similar center in Gaza has so far been hindered by border closures.
GHASSAN—an Arab-Christian physics professor and activist from Bethlehem who co-founded the International Solidarity Movement.

Paperback | 320 pages | Haymarket Books | 2021

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