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52 conversation cards to help break the log-jam of frustration and silence between parents and their teenager.

Not many teenagers want to talk to their parents that much. Their reasons are numerous and often sensible; yet for parents, the silence can feel painful and mysterious. What happened to their once chatty little ones? What might teenagers truly want to tell their parents, if only there was the right opportunity? And what might parents want to tell their children in turn, if it didn’t generate an immediate wince or boredom? This is a pack of cards that can break a log-jam of frustration and silence between generations with humour and curiosity.

This is a pack of cards that can break a log-jam of frustration and silence between generations with humour and curiosity. Containing 52 questions that are playful and interesting, yet carefully designed to pierce through armour, they offer parents and their teenage children a rare chance to go beyond the usual unsatisfying exchanges and rediscover one another, in an atmosphere of tolerance and fun, as the complicated, intense yet loveable and deserving beings they really are.


1. Parents should introduce the idea of these cards with a lot of mockery at
the cards’ expense. Describe them as ‘silly’, ‘probably ridiculous’ and ‘sort of a waste of time’. Nevertheless, give them a try. It doesn’t have to take too long.
2. Split the pack of cards in two. Place the ‘teenagers’ ones next to the teenagers, and the ‘parents’ ones next to the parents.
3. Alternate who replies, always responding with sincerity and courage.

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