Pedagogy of the Oppressed


This text argues that the perceived passivity of the poor is the direct result of economic, social and political domination. The book suggests that in some countries the oppressors use the ‘piggy bank’ system—treating students as passive, empty vessels—to preserve their authority and maintain a culture of silence. Through cooperation and dialogue, Freire suggests, the authoritarian teacher-pupil model can be replaced with critical thinking so that the student becomes co-creator of knowledge. Crucial to Freire’s argument is the belief that every human being, no matter how impoverished or illiterate, can develop an awareness of self, and the right to be heard.

Penguin Classics UK | 2017 | Paperback
Currently, some titles are very hard to find right now. This is one of them. We procured a stack of these from our friends in India. The content is the same as the U.S. edition. There is a small notation on the back that refers to it being for sale on the Indian subcontinent. 

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