by Zach Whitman

Phases is a love letter to the everyman
A collection of poems hung out to dry by dirty hands
Blasphemously righteous, with a light twist on crisis
An eyesore for the lifeless, but full of life for those pondering in silence.
Love and Angst breath a disseminating euphoria across the pages…
Pages that a sage would have.
to make a map.
of the heart of man.
The stillness, the pauses, the fragmented clauses
Listen between the lines to listen to what the heart says
The circumstance ambiguous, irrelevant to the blissfulness
Words splattered on the canvas, a timeless tale of youthful cognizance
Yet ignorance one of the important players,
a stage of mistakes and crumpled papers
Caped crusaders a myth for the evils we face in drink and labor.
That’s life…
a coming of age story chock full of regrets and worries
A miseducation to educate.
The lapses we have, and the memories we forsake.
Poignant. True. Beautiful. A simple realization that…
all you have to do is Be-You-To-Full.
All of it.
It Evokes a flame of passion for those who were passively gaining traction
Rise up from the ashes, be inspired, toast to this man’s valiant, romantic attachment.

Paperback | 32 pages | CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform | 1st Edition | 2013

Zach Whitman is a New York City based poet, performer, and creative artist who draws inspiration from instinctual emotion, the power of vulnerability, social class, and our natural fear of dying.

He has been writing and performing poetry for over ten years. He studied Theatre Performance at The University of Oklahoma’s School of Drama, where he discovered his drive to mold a career from his words. In 2015, he relocated to New York. His physical poetry is displayed in the form of stickers all across the city. His photos of the stickers have been featured all around the world in blogs and on social media. His line of micro-poetry candles are in stores worldwide in collaboration with candle designer Thompson Ferrier.

Zach’s performance poetry focuses on his battles with capitalism, working as a server to make ends meet, and the constant urge we have to doubt ourselves. He has performed in numerous venues around New York.