Porcelain Containers – Machine Collection

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Set of 3 assorted pieces. Are they cups? Are they small bowls? Do they hold your desk tidbits? Your call! Inspired by industrial machinery.

Dimensions: 3.4W x 3.4D x 4.3H (each)

Design: Diesel Living with Seletti, Machine Collection

Material: Porcelain

Seletti is an Italian design brand established in 1964 in Mantova. working under the slogan ‘revolution is the only solution’, Seletti focuses on design projects and creativity which characterizes Italian excellence. Each collection blends art with daily life icons, objects that convey a message of shape and function to embody a unique and fun lifestyle.

We have some of our favorite Seletti items shipped on the slow boat from Italy once or twice a year. If you love something, snap it up!