Radical Self-Care for Black Women


by Katelyn Rivas

Radical Self-Care for Black Women: A Poetry Zine explores themes on black womxn and mixed-race identity. The poems take on the vulnerable lens of truth-telling as a way to heal oneself from trauma and return to the root (the etymological meaning of radical) of being and loving the self. These poems and collages are a beautiful and proud recognition of womanhood, bothness, and blackness and powerfully hold the coexistence of healing and suffering and what blooms in that space.

Katelyn Rivas (she/hers) curates ecosystems where the arts are the root of individual and collective liberation and equity. Katelyn has worked in socially engaged public art and arts based community development as a teaching artist and project manager. She has been community organizing for over 12 years specializing in youth-led movements, food justice and arts for healing and transformation. In 2019, she founded the Detroit branch of The Free Black Women’s Library. Katelyn is a poet, scholar and nature enthusiast. She has an MA in Urban Studies and Community Arts. She enjoys exploring and eating great food with her family and friends in Detroit.

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