Sagmeister: Made You Look


Just as film, art, music, and literature have the power to move people, Stefan Sagmeister’s innovative work shows that graphic design, too, can cut to the emotional quick. His desire is to transform stale thinking, and Sagmeister: Made You Look does just that.
Compelling, honest, and intensely personal, Made You Look covers 20 years of Sagmeister’s graphic design. With a text by design historian Peter Hall and annotated with Sagmeister’s own handwritten excerpts from his diary, the book features images from the studio archive, as well as specific influences and reference points for his projects and ideas.
Removing the book from the red tinted transparent slipcase causes the mood of the dog to worsen considerably; bending it over results in the title “Made You Look” (or in the other direction: dog food) showing up on the silver-gilded fore edge.

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