Shame! and Masculinity


edited by Ernst Van Alphen

Multigenre perspectives on shame and male self-esteem post-MeToo.

Since the ascent of the MeToo movement, male sexual abuse and abuse of power has come under necessary scrutiny, thereby impacting perceptions of male sexuality and the self-esteem of many men. While plenty of male abusers seem to experience no shame, some do, as do men who have not transgressed, but who may now be negotiating shame in relation to their gender and sexuality.

Hybrid in genre, combining scholarly essays with short stories, personal testimonies and provocative and intimate artist’s contributions, Shame! and Masculinity looks at the representation of male sexuality, fatherhood, violence, rape, fascism and virility, men and war. It shows works of art that deal with the intricacies and contradictions of these socio-cultural constructs and realities, and stimulates reflection on shame in collusion with masculinity, from male as well as female perspectives, with visual contributions by Jeanette Christensen, Marlene Dumas, Arnoud Holleman, Hans Hovy, Natasja Kensmil, Nalini Malani, Lotte Schröder, Artur Žmijjewski and Ina van Zyl.

Paperback | 208 pages | Valiz  | 2021

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