Sisters Of The Yam


“In Sisters of the Yam, hooks articulates black women’s healing as an expression of ‘liberatory political practice.’ This statement transformed my consciousness as a health activist. By simply caring for myself, I can be a revolutionary. . .” —Sariane Leigh, The Feminist Wire (2012)

In Sisters of the Yam, bell hooks reflects on the ways in which the emotional health of black women has been and continues to be impacted by sexism and racism. Desiring to create a context where black females could both work on their individual efforts for self-actualization while remaining connected to a larger world of collective struggle, hooks articulates the link between self-recovery and political resistance. Both an expression of the joy of self-healing and the need to be ever vigilant in the struggle for equality, Sisters of the Yam continues to speak to the experience of black womanhood.

Paperback | 198 Pages | Routledge | 2015

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