Sojourners for Justice Press Manifesto


by Mariame Kaba and Neta Bomani

In the spirit of A Call to Negro Women, Sojourners for Justice Press responds to the Black women of the Sojourners for Truth and Justice who originally wrote a manifesto to protest the violence, racism, and sexism that Black women experienced in 1951, with their own in 2023. The Sojourners for Justice Press Manifesto is both a call and response for the continued reimagination of Black abolitionist feminist visions by way of publishing and reading as an active commitment to truth-telling–the connective tissue that binds all of us who seek freedom, liberation, and justice together through space and time. This manifesto might be for you if you struggle with reading, identify with and/or support Black women or gender non-conforming people, and are committed to an abolitionist politic.

Paperback | 12 pages | Haymarket Books | 2023

Hadas Thier is an activist, writer, and socialist, and in her spare time, an amateur paleontologist (aka mom to a toddler).

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