Sovereign Bones


New Native American Writing, Volume II
(Pre-owned, in good condition)

by Eric Gansworth, Editor

Sovereign Bones is an exploration of indigenous peoples and how they have managed to maintain separate identities, in spite of their assimilation into the broader American culture. Edited by Eric Gansworth, this collection of original writing focuses on the key role that writers and visual artists have played in the struggle of native peoples to retain their individual identities. In personal essays, memoir, and historical reflections, each writer explores the ways in which they arrived at their work and how they have retained a traditional way of life in that work. Taken as a whole, Sovereign Bones is a testimony to the resilience of indigenous cultures and the integral contributions artists make to that survival. Featured authors include: Marijo Moore, Louise Erdrich, Alex Jacobs, Heid Erdrich, Maurice Kenny, Diane Glancy, Jeanette Weaskus, Simon Ortiz.

This book continues the conversation that Genocide of the Mind started.
Pre-owned. Good Condition. Hard-to-find title.

Paperback | 331 pages | Nation Books (now Bold Type Books) | First Edition; 2007 – Out of Print

This is the Roots Radical Book Club pick for April/May 2023 at Redline in Denver. Go here for more information. 

Eric Gansworth (Sˑha-weñ na-saeˀ), a writer and visual artist, is an enrolled member of the Onondaga Nation. He was raised at the Tuscarora Nation, near Niagara Falls, New York. Currently, he is a Professor of English and Lowery Writer-in-Residence at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York. In 2016, he was NEH Distinguished Visiting Professor at Colgate University. Gansworth’s work uses synthesized verbal and visual images from the Haudenosaunee cosmology world, popular culture, and current indigenous life.

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