That’s the Joint!


edited by Murray Forman, Mark Anthony Neal, Regina N. Bradley

This newly expanded and revised third edition brings together the most important and up-to-date hip-hop scholarship in one comprehensive volume.

This intellectual mixtape is composed of 46 readings that are organized into nine sections representing key concepts and themes: the history of hip-hop, authenticity debates, gender, the globalization of hip-hop, identities, disability, politics, hip-hop and academia, and hip-hop and the media. This new edition also includes greater coverage of gender, sexuality, and racial diversity in hip-hop; hip-hop’s global influence; and hip-hop’s role in social movements and political activism. The pedagogical features include detailed critical introductions framing each section and brief chapter introductions to help readers place each piece in context and within a broader scholarly dialogue.

This text is essential reading for anyone seeking deeper understanding of the profound impact of hip-hop as an intellectual, aesthetic, and cultural movement.

Paperback | 780 pages | Routledge; 3rd edition | 2024

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