The Anger Myth


by Trish Ahjel Roberts

“An excellent resource with attainable outcomes. Roberts delivers another outstanding guide that can be life-changing for those who struggle with anger issues.” —Library Journal, Starred Review

“Filled with practical tips and common sense, this useful program is just what our angry world needs.” —Booklist

Are you feeling overwhelmed? In The Anger Myth, transformational coach and happiness expert Trish Ahjel Roberts offers a step-by-step guide to creating the life you desire by changing negative mental habits. She shares her breakthrough five-step Tame and Reframe method to transform your anger and its 7 Cranky Cousins (disappointment, annoyance, frustration, jealousy, impatience, guilt, and resentment) into either calm or constructive action.

The Anger Myth will teach you:

  • Why anger is never useful and always relays false information.
  • Ways to identify anger in all its forms and the true emotions it disguises.
  • Techniques to quickly transform anger in any situation without repressing your emotions.
  • How to use imagination and empathy to process anger, improve relationships and level up your happiness.
  • A path to a life of confidence, self-love, and purpose (the life you dream of) in the space left behind when your negative emotions are successfully processed and transformed.

Hardcover | 240 pages | Rowman & Littlefield Publishers | 2024

Trish Ahjel Roberts is a Transformational Coach, Happiness Expert, and Soul-Healing Retreat Leader. She has made it her mission to teach her 12-step approach to Mind-Blowing Happiness to 12 million people through her books, speaking, and retreats. She is the founder of the Mind-Blowing Happiness™️️ coaching company, the Black Vegan Life™️ event brand, and the Black Girl Joy Experience, her flagship program. Her work has earned endorsements from Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, and Iyanla Vanzant.

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