The Big Activity Book for Digital Detox


by Jordan Reid and Erin Williams 

Deep down, you know it’s true: you could benefit from disconnecting from the internet and reconnecting with the world around you. Part journal, part coloring book, part advice on how to take a break, The Big Activity Book for Digital Detox will be an outlet for anyone who wants to laugh through the ridiculousness of the digital age and remember how to be a human—because it’s definitely not going to happen when you’re awake at 1:00 a.m. reading yet another listicle.

Activities include:

  • Craft with your obsolete iPhone cords
  • 10 things to do outside right now
  • Color in the influencer who is so grateful for you guys
  • Lies the internet tells you
  • Why gardening is a thing you should try

When you’re longing for freedom from your devices, dig out a pen and turn to the pages of this timely, entertaining book—and don’t post a picture anywhere #retro.

Paperback | 160 pages | TarcherPerigee | 2020

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