The Grind Culture Detox


Heal Yourself from the Poisonous Intersection of Racism, Capitalism, and the Need to Produce

by Heather Archer

Your worth Is not measured by your production.

Grind culture refers to the false belief that to be considered valuable or worthy in our society, one must be productive. Lurking in the shadow of capitalism, grind culture is accepted as normal, even necessary, and most people aren’t even aware of the harmful ways it impacts us.

Now, in The Grind Culture Detox, author Heather Archer exposes grind culture in all its complexity. Beginning with the history of grind culture in the United States, Archer explains how the poisonous legacies of stolen labor (chattel slavery) and stolen land (manifest destiny) have led to the exhausting workforce culture we have today.

While facing that history is an important first step, Archer goes further by offering a blueprint for how we can radically reorient our lives and fundamentally change our relationship with work and production forever. Utilizing nontraditional approaches such as somatics, sound healing, herbalism, and more, The Grind Culture Detox is an invitation to experience an inner revolution—one where you recognize yourself as a sacred being and acknowledge you are worth far more than what you produce.

Paperback | 224 pages | Hierophant Publishing | 2022

Heather Archer is a certified life coach with specialities in: sound healing, hypnotherapy, yoga, and reiki. With an educational background from Smith College and New York University, and over 15 years of experience with teacher training and curriculum development, Heather weaves her academic and organizational background with her work as a healer and wellness coach to create a transformational learning experience for you on your journey to thriving at work, despite the high demands of your business or job.

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