Thought for Food


A Poetry Anthology Benefiting Denver Food Rescue

“These times we’re living in are unprecedented. At the beginning of the anthology, Cortney Collins states ‘A poem can only be / what it can access.’ A truth and practice to live by; categorically reflected at the heart of this relevant and much-needed collection where we can all sit at the table, as a people in solidarity, and share until a difference can be made. This is a book that will do you some good.”  – Barracuda Guarisco, founder of Really Serious Literature and author of Uncomfortable Music (Vegetarian Alcoholic, 2021)

edited by Emylee Frank, Kali Heals, Erica Hoffmeister, and Brice Maiurro

Food access and food insecurity are ubiquitous issues and mainline contributors to systemic racism and poverty. In the United States, a country that hoards the most private wealth in the world, 1 in 8 households have limited access to adequate food, creating quality of life disparities that pervade our social structures. Like so many other social and structural inequalities brought to light at the onset of COVID pandemic, food access rose to the surface. This is why we at South Broadway Press felt it duteous to partner with local nonprofit, Denver Food Rescue on this project—their model of rescuing food that would otherwise be wasted, and delivering it to the door of those in need, is a creative way of answering the call to solve some of these issues that surround food access.

Featuring the poetry of: Cortney Collins, Brett Randell, Chelsea Cook, Patricia McCrystal, Bruce Sterling, Jovan Mays, Mallary McHenry Jr., Maria S. Picone, Caleb Ferganchick, Nate Ragolia, Dennis Etzel Jr., Ted Vaca, Stina French, Iris Groot, Liza Sparks, Sophie Cardin, Shelsea Ochoa, Kevin Quinn Marchman, Charles Dalton Telschow, Ashley Howell Bunn, Amy Wray Irish, Jessica Rigney, Christopher Woods, Varinia Rodriguez, Caito Foster, Anna Leahy, Danny Mazur, Roseanna Frechette, Jericho Hockett, Irina Bogomolova, David Zaworski, Daniel G. Snethen, Steve Shultz, Bill Gainer, Brendan Hamilton, Sarah LaRue, Guinotte Wise, Catfish McDaris, Leah Mueller, Liam Max Kelley, Matt Clifford, Lonnie MF Allen, Jane Ripley, Jennifer Faylor, Jonathan Bluebird Montgomery, Shawn Pavey, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, On the Trail, Umar Nizar, Jake Riley, Erica: Scout Noa Halpern, Judyth Hill, Marcy Rae Henry, Arlis Mongold, Sarah Jane Justice, Eli Whittington, s. Nicholas, Gerard Sarnat, Alexis Rhone Fancher, Taylor Jones, Jeff Burt, Rebecca Hannigan, Sherre Vernon, Cicada Musselman, Rob Geisen, Lee Frankel Goldwater, Liza Katz Duncan, Hannah Skewes, Kierstin Bridger, Eric Raanan Fischman, Tricia Knoll, Robert Beveridge, Gwendalynn Roebke, Caroline Savery, Syed Aamir Sharief Qadri, mayryanna, Mary Christine Delea, Grace Mitchell, Steven Sassman, John Staughton, Veronica Love, Agnes Vojta, Connor Orrico, Kristin L. LaFollette, Nicole Taylor, Maggie Saunders, Wendy Mannis Scher, Ken Farrell, Galen Bernard, Janette Schafer, Anna White, Deborah Edler Brown, Morgan L. Ventura, Riley Welch, David-Matthew Barnes, Mary Anna Kruch, Jacob Ian DeCoursey, Hayden Dansky, Melissa Ferrer, and Paulie Lipman.

Paperback | 220 pages | South Broadway Press LLC | 2020

South Broadway Press is a book publisher based out of Denver, Colorado. They publish books that matter. Our new friend, Brice Maiurro, is Editor-in-Chief and we are so grateful he found us.

Thought For Food: An Anthology Benefiting Denver Food Rescue is their first printed collection. Please contribute directly to Denver Food Rescue if you are moved.

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