To Die For The People


by Huey P. Newton

Huey P. Newton, founder of the Black Panther Party and its chief theoretician, has long been a hero to radicals of every description. This 1995 re-release of a classic collection of his writings and speeches traces the development of Newton’s personal and political thinking, as well as the radical changes that took place in the formative years of the Black Panther Party. With a rare and persuasive honesty, To Die for the People records the party’s internal struggles, rivalries and contradictions, and the result is a fascinating look back at a young revolutionary group determined to find ways to deal with the injustice it saw in American society.

The foreword by Elaine Brown makes eminently clear, Newton’s prescience and foresight make these documents strikingly pertinent today. Here is the compelling portrait of a young revolutionary determined to create a People’s Ethos to deal with injustice and cruelty.

Paperback | 232 pages | Random House | 1972

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