Travel Therapy Cards


52 cards to deepen and transform the experience of travel.

Going traveling can be one of life’s greatest activities – but often, we fail to deepen the experience as much as we should and return home with some of the promises of our trip unrealized. Here is a pack of cards designed to help us get the very best out of travel – and to embed its greatest lessons in our minds.

The cards contain questions that we can reflect on ourselves (in a journal or on a train ride) or ask others in a group – and that lead us to think deeply about how we might derive maximal satisfaction from a trip.

This is an ingenious, low-tech, high-impact solution to one of the great conundrums of travel: how to ensure that the reality of going away will match our hopes.

How to Use the Cards

  1. Use these cards to enrich conversation with yourself and others while you are on a trip.
  2. Use them particularly at the close of each day.
  3. Consider using each question as the title of a journal entry.
  4. Adopt a more conscious, psychologically-searching way of traveling – and enlist kind friends in your ambitions.

51 cards in box | 91mm x 67mm x 20mm | 2023

The School of Life is a London-based organization built to help us find calm, self-understanding, resilience, and connection – especially during troubled times.

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