Tweeting Truth to Power


Chronicling Our Caustic Politics, Crazed Times, & The Great Black & White Divide

by Cyrus McQueen

A global pandemic and a national uprising over racial injustice evince a nation thrust into unceasing turmoil. With a country consumed by regressive forces, virtual platforms would telegraph the growing gulf between a divided citizenry. With a mercurial president using the Twitter megaphone to divide, progressive voices soon discovered that social media and social responsibility needed to be braided. For one Black American, bearing witness to the dual contagion of COVID and racism, he soon discovered the sickness long plaguing America could at least be combatted one tweet at a time. Tweeting Truth to Power is his dynamic chronicle of living day to day through a defining era.

A Top 20 Finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, comedian Cyrus McQueen embodies the spirit of “The Resistance,” an emboldened community that takes to the Twitter platform to unite rather than to divide. McQueen shares the personal and political journey he began in 2016, when he put aside the microphone to get serious about inequality. Exploring his own painful story alongside the nation’s past and present, McQueen offers a rich, nuanced look into America’s racial legacy. His insightful, layered analysis offers a unique context to current events and the movements they have ignited. Be it #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, or #TakeAKnee, Tweeting Truth to Power is a remarkable, real-time account of enduring an unprecedented time, with his expansive account of our caustic politics and history evolving into a thorough examination of what it means to be a Black American in the 21st Century.

According to McQueen, the Trump presidency seemingly overnight ripped apart the incisive work of his predecessor and centuries of resistance, exposing the racial wounds of a country once on the mend. Today, as ghosts from America’s unresolved past haunt our present, McQueen asks us: how far have we really come as a nation?

Paperback | 439 pages | Cyrus McQueen LLC | 2020

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