Walk Off Hot Issue 5



This issue features Vincent Cheap’s Colorvoido: sketches for paintings photographed in black and white. Colorvoido is Cheap’s dreamy, black and white play on the well-known “Colorful Colorado” state slogan. It’s a sharp departure from the electric color palette he uses in most of his paintings. Influenced by classic film and television, Cheap has created and photographed drawing studies draped with the drama of noir shadows and light.

20 pages. 5.5”x8.5” digest size. Printed on quality matte 100 text stock paper. Very nice.

Vincent Cheap is a painter, filmmaker and musician from Denver, Colorado. His art has appeared on album covers for bands like Ol Hickory and Charly Fasano’s multimedia release with Lucero called Retrospected, among others. His paintings have adorned the walls of Bitfactory Gallery, Cabal Gallery and an array of businesses throughout Denver. The abstract soundscapes produced by his band Malamadre, Still Birth of Cool and his solo performances continue to complement multimedia poetry and short film projects produced by his twin brother and lifetime collaborator Charly “the city mouse” Fasano.

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