An unusual artist’s book by French museum director Bruno Gaudichon, Wanderland recaptures the high-spirited dream logic of the exhibition it accompanies; both are centered around the theme of flânerie, the art of urban wandering. Created through cutting and collaging in the spirit of Surrealism, a whimsical story illustrated by Emmanuel Pierre unfolds across the book’s accordion format, while Gaudichon’s poetic text winds over the pages to better follow the accidental adventures of the six characters as they wander, flâneur-like, through a fantastical Parisian setting.

The book opens with a preface by Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director of the storied and family owned Hermès, describing the ways in which flânerie—which alters our relation to time and space, to ourselves, to others and to the world–can inspire and enrich creativity. This unique, collectible volume is a playful homage to a Parisian tradition, and a treat for children and adults alike.

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