We Love Our Employees


book concept by Alejandro Cartagena
editing by Fernando Gallegos and Alejandro Cartagena
ext by Ximena Peredo
esign by Gato Negro and Alejandro Cartagena

Everything was wonderful. In these photographs, you’ll notice palpable beauty, healthy bodies, nice clothes, and exquisite hairstyles, you might smell a well-matched perfume. The context is one of economic bonanza. Healthy, erect; these workers model the best employees: tense, but obedient; frightened, but with their lives resolved — what André Gorz sums up in his sentence: “To lose one’s life to gain a living.” Ximena Peredo text for We Love Our Employees.

Limited edition of 250, in English

Paperback | 200 pages | 6.4″ x 9.1″ | Gato Negro, Mexico City | 2022

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