Welcome to Colorado


by Welcome to
illustrated by Asa Gilland

Welcome to Colorado! Whether they’re locals or visitors, young readers will love this bright, cheerful, fact-filled picture book celebration of “The Centennial State.”

With information about the state’s animals, plants, regions, food, people, customs, and fun places to visit, this tribute to Colorado is the perfect gift for vacationers and residents alike. The warm, bright illustrations highlight the many delights to be found throughout the state. And the easy-yet-informative details (“There’s one place in the United States where you can stand in four states at once! The borders of Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico all meet at Four Corners”) give just the right amount of information to kids from preschool on up.

ȦSA GILLAND is the illustrator of the Welcome To series of children’s books about the US states. Her art has also appeared on stationery, textiles, and home decor. Ȧsa’s father was a mapmaker, and he and Ȧsa would always make time to search out interesting sites and explore their surroundings. Ȧsa has lived in seven countries and loves to travel near and far with her two sons. Learn more about her work at asagilland.com, and follow her on Instagram at @asagilland.

Ages 3 to 7 years
Hardcover | 32 pages | Penguin Random House | 2021

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