What Needs to Be Said


“In this masterful book, Alex guides us through the experiences of a trans man in the modern world. We see his life through his eyes, experiencing the full breadth and depth of one person’s evolution from self-understanding to deep authenticity. And through his journey, we ourselves are inspired to become our true self. He teaches us to live fearlessly, and with deep compassion for ourselves and for each other. He provides us a glimpse into the many gifts our society can receive from the struggles and genius of our spiritual trans brothers, sisters, and siblings. What Needs to Be Said is the truth; in the truth there is power; only the truth will set us free.” ― José M. Román, J.D., D.Min., Vice President, Research Administration, Rutgers University

“Alex shares the heartbreaking reality of being a trans man growing up in a family where he is constantly condemned to hell. Along the arduous journey of finding Self, Love, and God, he gains deep wisdom that he shares generously with us all and encourages each of us to start listening to what needs to be said. This is good trouble at its best.” ― Rev. Linda Bjork, author of Inner Business: Training Your Mind for Leadership Success

by Alex Reegan

Alex Reegan’s incredible story of healing and growth is your call to look within and live as your most authentic self.

As a trans man born into an evangelical Christian family that prevented his true identity from emerging, Alex spent years struggling with depression, anxiety, and addiction, trying to break free of the oppressive beliefs that bound him. After years of fighting—for his life, his freedom, and his truth—Alex learnt to surrender and come home to himself.

In this part memoir, part self-help book, Alex weaves his own story with healing guidance for you to take away and implement in your own life. You’ll find uplifting messages of compassion that will encourage you to let go of the things that are no longer serving you, as well as exercises such as journaling, self-reflection, and meditation to help you begin to heal and reclaim your connection to the divine that is within all of us.

This powerful book, with its raw honesty, vulnerability, and wisdom shows you how Alex rediscovered and embraced his authentic self and gives you what you need to do the same.

Paperback | 257 pages | Hay House UK | 2023

Alex Reegan is an interfaith minister, speaker and transformative spiritual coach who uses his intuitive wisdom to help guide people toward their own inner knowing. His journey has led him to sobriety, shamanism and then seminary, which helped him reclaim his faith and trust in the divine.

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