Work Kit of Design Fiction


by Near Future Laboratory Shop

The Official 2023 Work Kit of Design Fiction

100 Algorithmically Augmented and Illuminated Prompt Cards, each one an evocative representation of a parameter of a possible future product, service, user-experience scenario, artifact from the most curious, righteous, meaningful, and seriously hilarious, and well-intentioned possible/probable futures.

Chose one from each major category including: ArchetypeObjectAttributeAction and a unique, proprietary 70/20/10 Fool that will seal the deal! A total of 102 cards all together — 27 Archetype26 Object23 Attribute21 Action plus 3 70/20/10 Fool Cards. That means there are 916,038 unique possible future products, services, experiences, scenarios and situations in this one 9 ounce box of possibilities.

Let me say that again — 916,038 possibilities. Staggering. Simply staggering how much possibility is in this one box.

“So…what?”, you may ask.

Well, I’ll tell you what.

This work kit is uniquely suited and useful for ideation, stretching the imagination, and bulking up your foresight futurist sense-making musculature. It will prolong your ability and capability to think outside of the box — any box, really. It will slim your waistline and build up your immune system. You will feel like a new you within days.

But wait — there is Limited Availability! This is a Limited Drop!

The last kit? It sold out in less than 2 days. (Just sayin’..)

Where did this come from, you may wonder? Is it organic? Are pets and small children allowed? Well, this kit was made in robust collaboration with the Near Future Laboratory Discord community and our genial robotic artificially creative studio assistant, and has been revised based on user feedback and our infinitely constant regression testing. The raw components here have been updated, hardened, and field tested to create the latest generative tool in our constantly expanding load-out of equipment all designed to help YOU imagine thick, robust, pourable, possible near futures.

Many of the world’s foremost authorities consider this to be the definitive construction kit for imagining material cultural artifacts representing the symptoms & implications of all kinds of futures, including but not limited to intelligent futures, overwhelming futures, metaversian futures, autonomous futures, vertical take-off futures, non-carbon futures, and many, many other futures.

Perfect for doing your Daily Design Fiction exercises! Just ask Dré Labre who rocks The Work Kit of Design Fiction like kettlebells, only for his brain. That is, it hurts to Imagine Harder, but this kit will let you get your Jack LaLanne brainercise on real proper like.

Contained within this Work Kit are precisely those 916,038 possible combination leading to the most innovative Design Fiction Product Designs. (I asked ChatGPT to do the math, so that might be the right number.)

100 Cards, 63×88mm, Custom Smooth Laminated Box.

We have a bundle of Design Fiction enamel pins, stickers, and whatnot that are included with the cards.

Only 2 left in stock

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