Letterpress Printing Workshops


The Printshop at MATTER (yep one word) is a project largely concerned with printing truth to power. We are developing more workshops, lectures and classes for people who are seeking to learn. We are currently offering discounts to members of the following organizations;
Arts Students League of Denver, RiNO Art District, Redline Contemporary Art Space, and AIGA Colorado.
Classes are limited to 15 people. They may require a book purchase.
Workshops are limited to 10 people.
Lectures are limited to 50 people. (Unless we have moved the event to an offsite location)

Private workshops are available. Youth Workshops are available.

The Design Library is only available in person. A semi-formal agreement is required to borrow from the design library.

To offer a workshop/class or lecture or contact us about private workshops reach out right here.

Introductory and Intermediate Letterpress Printing Workshop

The (now) Classic One-Day Workshop:
Join us at MATTER for a day of letterpress printing guided by Rick Griffith and assisted by Aaron, and Rafael. We will kick off the day with some coffee, breakfast, and letterpress printing talk, then we will typeset some words, and jump on one of our 6 printing presses. Attendees will typeset and print whatever words they wish to immortalize. This workshop is beginner-friendly.
Typesetting instruction provided
Color backgrounds provided.
Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Monthly workshops will resume in August. Stay tuned for more details.

Coming Soon: Haiku do you do? Typesetting Poetry and Printing

One-Day Workshop: Haiku do you do. Yep, we want you to write some poetry in a group setting. We have a template for printing either a panel card or a folding card. Join in for a full day of engaging your core (literary core that is) and thinking out loud. (Quantity; 12, and matching envelopes.)
Date TBD, Saturday, 10:00 am – 4:30 pm. Limited to 10 people. $180 per person.

Coming Soon: Simple Stitch Book Making a Mess and Making a Zine

One-Day Workshop: Book Structures 101…Let’s make zines and share them. Everyone makes a 16-page zine and maybe you make a dozen precious darlings or at least enough to share. Use either our letterpress or our RISO press.
Date TBD, 10:00 am – 4:30 pm. Limited to 10 people. $250 per person.

Coming Soon; Play:Time, An Inquiry into Production.

Half-Day Workshop: Join a team of experienced teachers and students in design and design adjacent fields. Organized play, and objectives that are driven by the participants. High-School Adjacent or older.
Letterpress Printing
Laser Production
Riso Printing
Sign Painting
Game/Toy Making
Arduino Coding
Internet Publishing

Date TBD