All-Negro Comics


75th Anniversary Edition

edited by Chris Robinson
contributions from Orrin C. Evans, George J. Evans, Jr., John H. Terrell, Leonard Cooper, Chris Robinson, Deron Bennett, Tony Washington, Michael Polson, Qiana Whitted, David Brothers, Shawn Pryor, Micah Peters, Ray-Anthony Height, Zipporah Smith, Manny Edeko, Dominike “Domo” Stanton, Samantha Guzman, Jasmine Hatcher, Ryan Marlow, and Sharean Morishita

The first anthology of Black characters created by Black cartoonists is remastered for today’s readers and beyond!

In 1947, groundbreaking journalist Orrin C. Evans assembled a team of Black cartoonists for Black readers of all ages. Almost a century later, All-Negro Comics #1 is a little-known relic instead of an American heirloom like Action Comics #1, Marvel Comics #1, and other milestone comic books from the era.

All-Negro Comics 75th Anniversary Edition preserves that history for generations to come, containing All-Negro Comics #1, in full and digitally remastered for clarity, several essays for historical context and contemporary reflection, as well as new stories by Black writers and artists of today, featuring the original characters.

Hardcover | 88 pages | Printed by PrintNinja | 2023

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