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A Chapped — <Poem>   ?Zine*** !Book!

by 2B.NoQuestion

Bring the forest to the city and let it feast. 

From the poet: 

This poem book of chapped zineness is mostly recently exactly oddly timelessly what it claims 2b, but also maybe contains a bit of what it isn’t or wouldn’t be at first glance. Therefore anyone who doesn’t read it won’t know and anyone who knows can and definitely should tell. As far as I can tell nobody knows or will know what the fuck is going on with this introduction, and neither do I, There is no telling what this means – not the book, it means quite a lot- just this introduction. Let me tell you…after you read this, it will be something you’ve read. Good job. Same to me I guess for this being something I wrote. We both get to feel cool – because we are.

Consider this an unrelated prologue. Why include it? Art is only explained by its own devices. And I am a poet. Unfold me.

Paperback | 64 pages | Public Access Anarchist Press | 2024

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