Computer Generated


A 3D Art Anthology

by Kyle Goodrich

3D Art is in a transformative moment. It can now be created, promoted, bought, and sold all within the boundaries of digital space. This dynamic art movement is enabled by new tools and is limited only by the imagination of its creators. Artists working in CG art today are unfettered by curators and gatekeepers, making their case directly to the public, largely on social media platforms. Computer Generated represents a holistic, big-picture view of contemporary, independent, artist-driven CG and features 210 artists from 39 countries. The collection takes a deep dive into the movement and showcases a cross-section of work from some of the most innovative, imaginative, and influential contemporary CG creators.

Some notable contributors include: Beeple, Fvckrender, Blake Kathryn, Filip Hodas, Extraweg, Peter Tarka, Roger Kilimanjaro, Andreas Wannerstedt, Jason Ebeyer, and many more!

Hardcover | 368 pages | Gingko Press | 2023

Kyle Goodrich is a Los Angeles-based 3D Artist and Engineer shaping the future of art and technology. As an AR Product Designer at Snapchat, Kyle creates products and experiences that push the boundaries of Augmented Reality and Spatial Design.

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