Narrative Design


by Kit Hinrichs 

An extraordinary book and unparalleled collection of work, celebrating Kit Hinrich’s creative life as he recounts his narrative design work covering over 50 years and all stages of his career.

Narrative Design is a collection of more than 50 years of work from the obsessive graphic designer Kit Hinrichs. To the legendary AIGA medalist, author, teacher, and collector, design is the business of telling a story. It’s not just about communicating a product or a corporate ethos — it’s about contributing to the collective culture of storytelling. Presented in the book are not individual case studies but rather categories of work and graphic approaches to assignments that have wowed clients and dazzled viewers. The work is arranged to communicate Hinrichs’ creative thinking, which always leads to a unique and effective solution to any design conundrum.

Signed Limited Edition Slipcase Available 

Hardcover | 248 pages | Graphis Inc. | 2023

Renowned graphic designer Kit Hinrichs has served as the principal of design offices in New York and San Francisco, including spending 23 years as a partner of Pentagram before opening Studio Hinrichs in 2009. His award-winning design experience includes identity, promotion, publication design, packaging design, environmental graphics, product design, editorial design, and exhibition design.

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