DesignInquiry Is


DesignInquiry is design inquiry.

Names matter, even if a camel case is not a methodology. In the name DesignInquiry the typographic intervention is a marker of things inextricably linked: design, as the act of devising solutions to given problems, is conjoined to inquiry, as the act of investigating a particular issue or an urgent and timely topic. Inquiry into design is undeniably a form of research, though not of the grant-funded-principal-investigator-I-am-an-outcome variety. The design inquiry of DesignInquiry is minor research. It’s not less than, but once removed—from the normative questions we ask about form and objects. It contemplates the audacity of endless possibility across the speculative realm of design and its cultures. [excerpt from DesignInquiry Is]

A special 32-page newsprint publication about DesignInquiry, published on the occasion of the exhibition DesignInquiry: Futurespective at the Maine College of Art.

DesignInquiry is a non-profit educational organization that explores pressing issues in design and culture. We are a collective of thinkers and makers devoted to extradisciplinary exchange with a changing roster of designers, artists, scholars, teachers, architects, historians, critics, writers, and other practitioners carrying out and sustaining our work. For more than a decade DesignInquiry has spearheaded intensive team-based gatherings, shared the diverse outcomes and publications, influenced design research and teaching methods, and inspired professional designers to rethink what design can be and can do.

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