ISSUE II: Social Constructs Confine Our Minds // Released February 26, 2021

Written by Mark Baker-Sanchez
Photographs by Jazmín Ramirez

DONE IS A publication created for & by the underrepresented. Idealistic perceptions and social constructs are challenged by highlighting issues of discrimination, raising cultural awareness, and providing a presence for the unknown, forgotten & marginalized. Rather than merely telling stories, every ISSUE is an immersion of the times and seeks to define ways in which readers can empower themselves.

DONE ISSUE II is focused on mental health and explores the many ways in which our well-being is ever connected to our intersectionalities. From our sense of style to our gender identities and from the color of our skin to what we do for a living, our mental health is impacted by who we are and what we experience in life. Through this ISSUE, we hope to shed light on people who persevere despite all they’ve been through and are currently going through to uplift anyone who is hurting. In the era of a deadly pandemic, overt racism & political unrest, the traumas of the underrepresented have spiked yet so has the need to make ourselves heard. And we will be heard!

Broadsheet / folded / greyscale | 64 pages | DONETHEMAGAZINE | 2021

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