Handbook for an Integrated Life


A Practical Guide to Aligning Your Everyday Choices with Your Internal Compass

Western society makes it challenging for those of us who desire a just world―one of shared prosperity―to live a life that is consistent with our values. Handbook for an Integrated Life provides both philosophical principles and practical steps that you can use to bring your actions in line with your goal of creating a world that works for everyone.

Sharon Schneider, a philanthropy consultant to some of the world’s wealthiest families, distills her expertise into pragmatic guidance for all of us―even those on a budget. She lays out seven foundational principles on which you can base your everyday decisions, helping you:

• Identify the cultural norms that lead you away from your goals
• Differentiate between giving back and simply giving
• Reconsider your buying habits
• Resist the allure of convenience
• Align more of your spending with your values
• Harness the full power of your household
• Raise socially aware kids

Schneider supplements this guidance with useful steps and real-world applications to help you employ the principles in multiple areas of your life, including in food choices, clothing choices, finances, the workplace, relationships, and more. You will come away feeling, at last, equipped and empowered to follow your internal compass.

Hardcover | 256 pages | Greenleaf Book Group Press | 2022

Sharon Schneider is the Director of Individually Directed Giving at the Walton Family Foundation. Sharon is also an instructor in entrepreneurship at The Starter League and a member of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Technology Diversity Council. She was a founding advisor to Impact Engine, the Chicago-based accelerator for social enterprises.

Before starting Moxie Jean in 2011, Sharon spent 12 years advising and working for private foundations, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Pew Charitable Trusts, and dozens of small family foundations all over the United States, on issues ranging from strategic planning and outcome management to engaging your family in philanthropy. For four years she wrote the influential blog “The Philanthropic Family,” which provided inspiration and resources to integrate philanthropy into everyday life.

She now lives in Denver with her husband, a high school science teacher, and their three children.

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