Engraved Cheese Knife


Made in France by LIB Editeur d’idées

LIB Editeur d’idées (Lib France) YANA Engraved Cheese Knife, has been developed by Designer Erwan Peron together with one of the premier blade manufacturers in Thiers, France. Thiers has been the European Capital of knife making since at least the 15th century.

The blade is complemented by an ash wood handle with a comfortable grip turned in the Jura, a mountainous region in the east of France, known for traditional woodworking. The base is wide enough to allow the knife to stand by itself. The main blade is grate for softer cheeses. A blade inside the blade is great for harder cheeses.

The Engraved Cheese Knife has laser engraving on the blade—adding a touch of modern French whimsy. It is both practical for everyday kitchen use and adds to the presentation of any cheese platter.

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