Flower Earrings


by Hoity Toity Goods

An eclectic multi-color mix of acrylic flower earrings, varying in color, acrylic finish, and shape. All flowers are hand-illustrated, laser-cut, and are as different as wildflowers. Choose the ones you connect with most!

Care instructions:
Acrylic jewelry can be wiped clean with a soft, non-scratchy fabric. Alternatively, they can be rinsed with warm water and a dot of mild soap. If a stronger cleaner is needed, NOVUS is recommended.

If you want a specific colorway, please specify in the order notes (we’ll notify you if the color is not available). 

Emilie Tucker lives and works in Denver, CO where she was born and raised. Hoity Toity is a journey to find joy. An adjective that now implies something snobbish (which is an attitude not separate from the art world), this collection instead draws inspiration from the 17th-century meaning—lively and playful. The goal of Hoity Toity is to create art objects that are lively and playful; that spark joy and inspiration; that are made with care and love during every step of the process.

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