How to Get Off Social Media and Still Keep In Touch With Your Friends


Graphical ideas for strengthening your bonds!

by Sylvia Friday

With a strategy for maintaining your relationships outside the confines of the internet, this little zine is part personal reflection on the merits of unplugging and part instruction manual for successfully extricating yourself from the ever-more-nightmarish world of social media. Author Sylvia Friday reflects on the uses of social media, and offers a critique of the ways that social media (especially for artists) has reduced art to a vacuous process of the capitalist cult of productivity. Friday calls for us to embrace snail mail and the beauty of ink and paper as a way to slow down, be creative in new and different ways, and engage more meaningfully with our friends through the process of writing physical letters on actual pieces of paper.

Zine | 20 pages | Microcosm Publishing | 2023

In stock (can be backordered)

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