I Am a Unicorn and I Like to Fight


I Am a Unicorn and I Like to Fight is a guide for kids of all ages on dealing with oppression, political injustice, and fascism. The book shows that not everyone fights for what they believe in using the same methods, and that most often “fighting” has nothing at all to do with violence. This activist primer aims to help build a better, safer, kinder world.

“Sweet, funny, and useful!” -a wizard

“Every parent and every kid needs a copy of this fun, accessible comic.” -a dragon

“Not just for kids! I bought one for my 300-year-old godmother!” -a princess

“An excellent, positive resource for dealing with these dark days!” -a witch

Zine | 12 pages | Eternia Press | 2023

Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

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