Implicit Bias


An Educator’s Guide to the Language of Microaggressions

by Theresa M. Bouley and Anni K. Reinking

Educator implicit bias is often experienced by students of varying identities as microaggressions. In this book, the authors define implicit bias and microaggressions, identify ways students of varying identities such as race, gender/LGBTQ+, religion, socioeconomic, ability, linguistic, and family dynamics, experience microaggressions in schools, and offer an educator’s guide to using culturally responsive teaching as an antidote to microaggressions. We also provide specific ways to interrupt microaggressions in schools.

Paperback | 212 pages | Rowman & Littlefield Publishers | 2021

Theresa M. Bouley, PhD is a professor of education at Eastern Connecticut State University and the President of the Connecticut chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME). In her research and teaching she specializes in creating early childhood and elementary instruction and environments that center on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Anni K. Reinking, EdD is a researcher, author, and consultant. Dr. Reinking focuses on creating equitable learning environments by working with schools and organizations around the country focused on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and Belonging (DEIA/B).

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