The Internet Newspaper


by Adam Gnade

Adam Gnade’s pocket-size novel The Internet Newspaper is about working at the online version of a daily newspaper during the weird, clumsy, well-funded early days of the internet. Set in Southern California in the year 2000, Gnade’s book shows an America that does not exist anymore—an awkward, wild, innocent place that has since given way to fury and regression. Here we bear witness to HTML coding and late-night party crime, hard drugs, and the birth of the “cats on the internet” phenomenon. The Internet Newspaper is lyrical, dark, philosophical, and true like all good fiction is true. Recommended if you like: Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney, Roberto Bolaño’s The Savage DetectivesSex and Rage by Eve Babitz, Bright Eyes, the Cure, Mexican food, committing crime, being a fucking bad-ass, and Patti Smith’s Just Kids.

Praise for the writing of Adam Gnade:

“Lucid, life-affirming prose from an empathetic master.” -Yannis Philippakis of the band Foals

“Adam Gnade is a writer who can capture what it feels like to feel everything.” -Dana Margolin of the band Porridge Radio

“Adam Gnade is the kind of talent who will remind you how necessary it is to stay human, stay empathetic, stay true, stay punk.” –Szilvia Molnar, author of The Nursery

“In all of his work Gnade achieves a wide range of effects—lyricism, poignant description, philosophical depth, humor, characterization—in a singular style that’s born from many years of focused, intense dedication to his craft.” -Bart Schaneman, author of The Silence is the Noise

“These are stories of domestic drama and friendship, wild youth and radical hope.” -Andrew Mears of the band Youthmovies, author of Kettledrum

“Adam creates another world through his writing, one that is visceral and sharp, and helps this one make more sense.” -Lora Mathis, artist, author of The Women Widowed to Themselves

Paperback | 180 pages | Book design by Bran Black Moon | Three One G/Bread & Roses Press | 2023

Adam Gnade (pronounced “guh-naw-dee”) is a San Diego, California-born American musician and author currently living on a farm in rural Kansas.

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