Japanese Graphic Design


by Sandu
Featured Designers: Kazumasa Nagai, Keiko Hirano, Norito Shinmura, Yoshiaki Irobe, Daigo Daikoku, Atsushi Hirano, Aya Codama, Taku Sasaki, Shun Sasaki

Japanese Graphic Design is perhaps the most comprehensive look yet at the design aesthetic that still leads the world with its perfect blend of elegance and simplicity. While focusing on contemporary design and its timeless appeal, the book launches with a survey of several Japanese masters of the last few decades who exemplify these design principles through their diverse graphic work. From Norito Shinmura and his beautiful nature-inspired graphics to Shun Sasaki’s maximalist approach and bold use of color. With in-depth interviews, we gather rare insight into both their creative processes and the cultural environment that allowed their design output to flourish and find resonance. The last chapter showcases brand new cross-category work either inspired by the likes of the great designers profiled or representing the masters of tomorrow.

Paperback | 272 pages | Gingko Press | 2023

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