Jaroslav Benda: Typographic Designs and Letterforms


by Petra Dočekalová

Jaroslav Benda (1882–1970) was an important pillar of Czech typography and stood at the beginning of contemporary Czech type design. He was an influencer (before being an influencer was a thing) who inspired the generations of type designers who followed. His faces are the rare example of true Czech spirit.

This book represents an historic first attempt to exhaustively capture his typographic work—without being the least bit exhausting. First published in Czech in October 2019, this new edition in English will surely prove to be an invaluable resource and a total delight. The only problem with this book is that it has too much good stuff and our hearts are racing.

Paperback | 168 pages | 9 × 12.7 inches | Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) | 2021

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