Oh Flip!


conceptualized, designed, and produced by Bombay Duck Designs

Everyday India – Series 4 – Oh Flip!
A series of flipbooks documenting, in motion, ubiquitous iconography found in our day-to-day urban lives. For example, the many versions of the omnipresent (skull) danger sign are similar in the meaning they convey but each icon is ever so slightly different from the last—in hand-painted style, vector clipart, vinyl stickers, and other glorious avatars. Similarly, we have covered 4 other signs: NO sign, TOILET sign, WORK IN PROGRESS sign, and 20 SPEED LIMIT sign. These mini books can also be seen as a collection of photographs of signs that populate the urban landscape.

Digital + Screenprint on Paper | 6″ x 3.5″

Bombay Duck Designs is the earliest specialized independent studio of its kind in India, founded by Sameer Kulavoor. Their image-making approach has worked well for music festivals, publications, and editorials. They initiate various self-publishing projects such as the Zeroxwallah Zine, The Ghoda Cycle Project, Blued & Oh Flip flipbooks.