OHTO Ceramic Pen Cutter


Ceramic blade pen cutter. A safe design that allows children to freely work with the blade exposed as little as possible. There is no work to replace the spare blade, it does not touch the blade, and possible injuries are minimized. Convenient to carry, lightweight and easy to hold, ideal for curved cutting and design work such as cutting out newspapers and magazines. It is also convenient for opening envelopes and plastic bags and cutting wraps.

  • Abrasion resistance and long life setting (5 times that of metal blades).
  • Ceramic blades are about 5 times more wearable than metal blades and can be used for a long time if used correctly.
  • Ceramic does not rust even when it gets wet, so it is convenient to have it in the kitchen or dining table.
  • Pen type that is convenient to carry.

Available in pink and white.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.