Once Upon a Felony


True Stories of Four Women Who Reshaped Their Lives After Prison

by Lois Britton

“Compelling! These stories are filled with trials, tribulations and ultimately, hope – hope that successfully reentering society after removal is possible.” – Bryon Sparling

Four women courageously share their stories about their crimes – assault, kidnapping, DUI with vehicular assault, assault with deadly weapon. They confront their addictions and their anger, and accept the blame. They tell their prison experiences with honesty, the devastation to their families with poignancy, and their road to resilience with humility.

Paperback | 253 pages | Outskirts Press, Inc. | 2022

Lois Britton has been involved with women’s issues since 2000 – as Chief of Women’s Health Promotion for the Illinois Department of Public Health; as a volunteer and mentor for women in prison, women with mental health issues and young women aging out of foster care; and as a GED teacher for at-risk single mothers on Temporary Aid to Needy Families. Most recently she was Supervisor of Education at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility where almost 1,000 women were incarcerated.

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