Poems for the End of the World


by Suzi Q Smith

A richly engaging collection, Poems for the End of the World explores climate change, heartbreak, a pandemic, grief, race, and growth all woven together. In these poems, Suzi Q. Smith meditates on trees, fires, her best friends, her grandmother, and the love of it all. Smith offers us humor and warmth in the midst of grief, courage in the face of fear, and celebrations of small beauties. Poems like “How to Make Love” remind us how to care for ourselves and our loved ones, while “Ocotillo” and “the found women” feel like an encouraging conversation with a best friend.

Paperback | 98 pages | Finishing Line Press | 2021

Suzi Q. Smith is an award-winning artist, activist, and educator who lives in Denver, Colorado. She has been performing poetry throughout the United States for over a decade.

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