Remarkable Rose


by Ellie Roscher
illustrated by Lily Banning

Rose loved soccer. In Kibera, Kenya, however, girls didn’t get to play. Abdul loved soccer too, and his grandmother taught him that girls deserve to learn and play, too. When he saw the boys keeping the soccer ball away from the girls, he got an idea.

Entire communities do better when girls thrive. Based on a true story, Remarkable Rose follows Rose and Abdul as they remind us of the importance of creating communities like Kibera Girls Soccer Academy that unleash a girl’s freedom to be…REMARKABLE.

Paperback | 34 pages | Self Published | 2023

Ellie Roscher is the author of The Embodied Path, 12 Tiny Things, Play Like a Girl, and How Coffee Saved My Life. Her writing also appears in The Baltimore Review, Inscape Magazine, Bookology Magazine, and elsewhere.

Ellie hosts the Unlikely Conversations podcast and is a certified yoga instructor. She teaches writing at The Loft Literary Center and the Minnesota Writing Project and yoga at Up Yoga. Through curious inquiry, commitment to the sacred ordinary and artistic collaboration, her work accompanies people to a more centered, whole, and embodied self.

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